About Us

ALI Spa (Solido Group) is an industrial group involved in the following business: surfaces, building materials and chemicals.

In wood field ALI deals with solid wood horizontal and vertical surfaces, engineered parquet, laminate, paneling (both for indoor and outdoor use).

In tiles field ALI offers solutions for flooring, wall covering and surfaces in general (indoor and outdoor use).

In chemical field ALI handles products for surfaces treatment, adhesives, primers, micro-cements, resins, paintings for indoor and outdoor use. 
In building materials, generic products for construction.

Concerning design, ALI offers and creates tailored solution, turnkey projects/execution and also contracting.
 ALI takes also care of residential and public buildings’ supply, offering a complete range of products from primary brands (trading).

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ALI S.p.A., ALI Contract S.r.l.

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